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Choose a number that suits your goals

Your phone number tells customers so much about your business
whether they should see you as local, national or global. You may be a small enterprise, but your number reflects your business ambitions. It's also a valuable tool for influencing customer behaviour and growing your business in a quick and powerful way - for very little cost.

BlueBoxTelecom numbers can be combined with a choice of advanced call-handling services, designed to help your business flourish.

And a choice of price plans keeps all numbers cost-effective, whether used occasionally or called constantly. For that customer hotline that never stops ringing, consider our Pro price plan for moderate call volumes and Enterprise price plan for high call volumes plans: these have higher monthly rental, but lower costs per call minute (especially for forwarding to mobiles or overseas), yielding overall savings when call volumes are high.  

What types of number are available?

Take a look at the range of numbers available below: different types of numbers are suitable for different business goals, click on each one for a detailed explanation and to choose your own number instantly online. If you need help choosing, you can call us on 020 7060 2000.

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BlueBoxTelecom's numbers are combined with your choice of call-handling service. Our Digital Media (dm) services start with dmConnect, which is great for basic call-forwarding.  dmVoice  and  dmFax are custom-designed for voicemail and fax messaging. dmSwitchboard performs all the functions of an advanced fully-customisable switchboard and at the very top end, for enterprise-level call handling, we offer an extremely flexible XML-scriptable service: XScript.

All services come with a choice of price plans, and which is most cost-effective will depend on the volume of calls you receive. Our Bas plan is designed for light use, and is suitable for many day-to-day applications, whereas Pro and Ent are tailored for moderately busy lines and high-volume hotlines respectively.

Unrivalled flexibility, competitive prices, and responsive support

BlueBoxTelecom offers the widest range of numbers, services and price plans of any UK telecoms supplier. Our numbers are so flexible you can combine any number with any service and any plan (and change your mind at any time). Committed after sales support ensures all numbers operate smoothly, and allows you to make upgrades whenever you want to.

We offer the widest choice of numbers
We offer an unrivalled selection of geographic and non-geographic UK number ranges. You get to choose your number - at a price that suits your budget.

For help and guidance on choosing your number, Call 020 7060 2000 now!

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